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My first display January 6, 2011

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I am member of the creative art club in Dar Al Hekma college. The founder of the club made an exhibition for the members in the grand opening. The exhibition was called Room No. 5 as it included five categories: Fine arts, graphic design, interior design, fashion design, and photography. Talented girls of the Dar Al Hekma college were to express or show their talents in these five categories. This was a very huge event that lasted for three days, was the media’s gossip. Each of the fine artists were asked to show paintings affected by abstract art and had a different theme of her own. My theme was music and dancing.


4 Responses to “My first display”

  1. Florrie Poetzsch Says:

    I actually clearly must think more in that way and find out what i can do about that.

  2. Johnnie Karjala Says:

    Well, it’s decent, however how about the other choices we have here? Do you mind writing one more article regarding all of them as well? Regards!

  3. offshore corporation Says:

    18 International Exhibition of Design for Printing Edition 2010PURPOSEThis Regulation aims to select artists for the 18th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION DESIGN PRESS taking place from March 25 to 09 May 2010 in the Gallery of the Arches in Usina do to stimulate and disseminate a comprehensive manner the graphic applied to press and give awards to each of the categories described below.REGISTRATIONEntries can be made from 05 February to March 5 2010 atAv Presidente Joao Goulart 551 Room 603 – Sector Shows and Exhibitions CEP 90010-120 – Porto Alegre RS BRAZIL Monday through Friday 10 to 12pm and from 14 to 17h or via e-mail .For works sent by mail and via e-mail the last days of receipt will also be on 05 March according to the date of the postmark on the envelope and date of sending the email.Will not be accepted or awarded in selected issues of this HallArtists honored at previous salons can not enroll in the same category.PARTICIPANTSThe competition is aimed at professionals and amateurs in terms Cartoon Charge Caricature Comics and Editorial Illustration for newspaper magazine book album cover poster etc. ..Entries in Editorial Illustration mode should have actually been published between March 2009 and January 2010 and must be accompanied from the original publication with date and name of the journal identifiable.Participants can compete with up to 05 five distributed in any work of 05 five categories.PRESENTATION OF PAPERSAs this is a Hall of graphic arts will also be considered as original works printed by computer printers or other means of reproduction of images provided with good quality. Papers submitted electronically should include this information in the nomination file.Failure to comply with these instructions shall result in summary disqualification of the work.SELECTIONThe city of Porto Alegre designate by Order published in the Official Gazette of Porto Alegre – DOPA a selection committee and another Award formed by cartoonists journalists graphic designers artists and representatives of the Municipal Bureau of Culture.The Selection Committee will be the main criteria includes creativity originality and artistic quality of the designs and select obeying the following purposes – All works selected will participate in the exhibition hall of the Manor Vasco Prado at Usina do Pres.

  4. Tomi Martenez Says:

    Well, that could be decent, but what about additional options we’ve got here? Would you mind making another article regarding these too? Many thanks!

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