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Photography1 April 19, 2010

Filed under: Photography — Reem Marei @ 4:25 pm

This was one of my photography assignments. I wasn’t used to a manual camera, so I had a hard time fixing the exposure and taking good focused shots. The lens I am using here is a MACRO lens. Macro lenses are used to take closeups for the subjects. I really like using these lenses because they add a very dramatic effect to the subject as they tend to blur the background or UNFOCUSED parts and make the subject stand out more.

I also printed this picture by myself. Developing a film is never an easy task. It consumes a lot of time and effort; however, printing a picture is much more fun. The only problem about printing an image is that the exposure time must be well adjusted to show the details in your picture,also the time you put your picture in the developer is very important because if it stays in the developer for a longer time it gets darker thus you achieve unwanted results…

Developing a colored film is so much different from developing a black and white one. The chemicals added are different, with different quantities, and different timings.


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